The Band

Michel "Smooth" Brasseur




My name is Miche Brasseur and I was born ...Long time ago now.

As long as I can remeber , I've always played music.

Mum told me I was watching TV and I was playing with the Beatles ...I was two.

I was fifteen for my first gig

You can say I'm really lucky because since I play with Smooth and the Bully Boys I had the opportunity to meet and play with some of the biggest rockabilly names.


So , l hope to meet you soon .







Call me Gus, when to tell you my age it may be difficult since I am a Highlander and as everyone know the Highlanders have a memory shit!
On stage since the age of 16 years, the music is probably for me the most important thing in the world. It is therefore to 14/15ans I became a huge fan of the "Stray Cats" and I started cutting back on my tickets canteen to offer me my first bass.
Smooth I embarked early on in this crazy adventure and despite a short break I returned with even more viciously the role of "Bully Boy" because ...
We are warriors of Rock'n'Roll and we have a mission!



Hi, reader!
Call me JaM, it will be shorter than Yann per Brezhoneg Plerguer!
I was born on the moor between two menhirs, a great year ... They say erotic ...
It is at the age where my teeth I have left behind I started to dance in "Brittany baloches" of all kinds. What memories!
Since I did more off. I played Pop, Reggae, the Folk, Blues, Funk, Country to Jazz and even as I looked at Nancy. But the music that made ​​me love and all others who accompanied me everywhere is that of Chuck Berry, Elvis, Gene Vincent ...
I love it when it swings, when it snaps when it fuse, when it purrs like a V8 Camaro! I'm spoiled with SBB! Soon move on to our music!